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Rony kotliar is company owner and CEO. Born in 1979, Haifa, Israel, Rony started to play the guitar at the age of 12 and to perform at the age of 17 at pubs in the bay area of Haifa. Serving in the Army band, Rony learned the life of a touring band and shortly after, made his first steps in the music business by booking his own shows throughout the country. After graduating music studies in the University of Haifa and mastering in business management in Derby university (GB), Rony started this company of live music promotion in Israel. 
Eviater Guttman is the tech manager of our operation. A pianist, studied music at the Haifa University specializing in electro acoustic music composition. Mastered in music at the Bar-Ilan University. Eviatar works daily as a live sound engineer for over a decade, with various artists and institutions in Israel. Also works as a recording engineer in the Avant-Garde music scene in Tel-Aviv. Among the international shows he took part in: "John Zorn Festival" that featured musicians like Mike Patton, Marc Ribot, Dave Douglas and others. also did the work for Gong, Foust, Al Foster, Hamid Drake and the bug.
Ester Berber is in charge of public relations and local tour management. Also Haifa born and raised Ester comes from the field of psychology and litterateur. Ester is translating and editing all materials for press releases and keeping the close relations between our office and the local media. In addition she is in charge of all coordination between hotels, vans, venues, production workers and makes sure that the schedule is happening. Important to notice that she is doing all this with allot of grace.   

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