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RK-PROMOTION is a live music production & promotion company for international live music concerts and other events in Israel. We handle and manage our own booking, public relations, ticket selling and tour management and work with only the best venues, sound & light companies, backline, transportation and catering. Our shows are always a success for both the artist & the crowd and if you work with us, you will surely come again! 
Among the artists we've promoted are Steve Vai, Victor Wooten, Albert Lee, the Aristocrats band and John Lee Hooker Jr.
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Past Events

The Aristocrats Band26 Jun 2023Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band11 Dec 2019Reading 3
Steve Vai23 Mar 2018Reading 3
Paul Gilbert & Stu Hamm (Double bill)10 Nov 2016Reading 3
Albert Lee10 Oct 2016Reading 3
Andy Mckee05 Oct 2016Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band20 Feb 2016Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band13 Apr 2014Zappa
Guy King13 Dec 2013Rappaport hall
Mike Stern & Victor wooten12 Jul 2013Shuni Fortress
John Lee Hooker Jr28 Jun 2013Zappa
Paul Gilbert12 Apr 2013Reading 3
Guitar Day 201212 Dec 2012Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band23 Mar 2012Reading 3
Alain Caron03 Mar 2012Reading 3
Scott Henderson29 Oct 2011Reading 3
Howe, Hamm & Chambers06 Aug 2011Reading 3
Victor Wooten16 May 2011Reading 3
John Lee Hooker Jr22 Oct 2010Reading 3
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