Upcoming Events

The Aristocrats Band26 Jun 2023Reading 3

Past Events

The Aristocrats Band11 Dec 2019Reading 3
Steve Vai23 Mar 2018Reading 3
Paul Gilbert & Stu Hamm (Double bill)10 Nov 2016Reading 3
Albert Lee10 Oct 2016Reading 3
Andy Mckee05 Oct 2016Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band20 Feb 2016Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band13 Apr 2014Zappa
Guy King13 Dec 2013Rappaport hall
Mike Stern & Victor wooten12 Jul 2013Shuni Fortress
John Lee Hooker Jr28 Jun 2013Zappa
Paul Gilbert12 Apr 2013Reading 3
Guitar Day 201212 Dec 2012Reading 3
The Aristocrats Band23 Mar 2012Reading 3
Alain Caron03 Mar 2012Reading 3
Scott Henderson29 Oct 2011Reading 3
Howe, Hamm & Chambers06 Aug 2011Reading 3
Victor Wooten16 May 2011Reading 3
John Lee Hooker Jr22 Oct 2010Reading 3